Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for sending me this update and the photos. We are all extremely grateful for the service that you have provided our family. I will share the photos with my mother, siblings and cousins. I know that they will all be so very pleased. I will be returning to Yerevan in a few weeks and (weather permitting) will visit the grave site.

 -Beth, USA


Thank you for the great service. The photos are well received. We felt like we were present at the memorial. You are doing a very important job preserving Armenian cemeteries.
-Stepan, Australia

Thank you for the work and detailed information. I highly appreciate your work and wish you success. The grave looks good. I'm happy that I can take care of my family with your help.
Your company helps people in many ways.

 -Anush, USA

I am very impressed with the services that you provided. Very professional and well-organized. Thank you so much for all you done and for following up to ensure customer satisfaction. You did it very well. All pictures have been received from the beginning of the work to the end. I love it. I feel much better now. I will recommend your services to everyone in our community.
Thank you again,


- Yana, USA

That was fast and nice ! Thank you so much and for all the photos. Your company really does a good job and I will recommend you to everyone.
- Naira, Australia

I can't thank you enough for that meticulous job your company did even before I would pay you. All you say is accurate and I felt very devastated seeing that no "relative" is ever visiting that grave.
-Narine, Australia